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Meet chef klink

Chef Klink has spent his entire life dedicated to the outdoors, education and his passion for food. Growing up in the woods of Washington state, LJ is the first college graduate of his family and continues to educate and grow his own culinary education through the American Culinary Federation (ACF). 


With multiple ACF certifications, Chef Klink represents the highest standard of the culinary profession in the organization, society and industry. Chef Klink joins the most prestigious chefs in the American Academy of Chefs with a mission to promote the education of culinarians. 


His education is classical, his respect for tradition is ever present with a desire to push limits and cross lines. Chef Klink is a driving force for changing school food in the Northwest. Chef Klink’s experience ranges from the Alaskan mountain ranges, Mexico to China and winning Food’ Network’s hit show EXTREME Chef.


Recently sitting on ACF Chefsforum “Focus on Mental Health and Wellness”, LJ shares his experiences in the industry with Chefs and leaders in his community. Developing leadership training, Chef Klink is committed to personal and academic growth within himself, those he mentors and our youth.

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