LJ Klink™ offers 20 plus years of management and customer service experience. Klink has been there, done that in just any leadership example. He has worked for great leaders as well as bad ones. What these experiences have taught LJ is what he aspires to be and what he aspires others to be.

He holds several professional designations including Certified Executive Chef from the American Culinary Federation. He also holds a Master Certified Food Executive and Certified Food Service Education designations.


To back up his professional designations, Klink is ABD in a Doctorate of Education, with an expected graduation date of June 2018. He offers a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership, a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Government and an Associate degree in Culinary Arts.

LJ’s business and culinary experiences are paired with proven teaching abilities He has been a business leader and in a classroom setting for more than 15 years. Positions he has held include Owner, Management, Employee, Administration, Tenured Faculty, and Adjunct Faculty. IF there is a position, The LJ has held it, done it, and succeeded in it.

Klink adds to his expertise a bigger than life personality that engages his audience all the while driving home his points with personal and real life examples.

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