Chef LJ Klink

1004558_762813310464834_3034822751185726343_nWinner of Food Network’s hit show EXTREME Chef, Chef Klink has spent his entire life combining his love for the outdoors with his passion for food. After growing up in the woods of Washington state, LJ journeyed out into the world and spent years roaming the virtually inaccessible wilds of Alaska as a tour guide, hunter and executive chef at a private fly-in resort. He’s stepped in a Water Moccasin den while dove hunting in Mexico and he’s immersed himself in the unusual food, drink, and culture of China. He loves skydiving and using his hands. He can customize motorcycles, fix kitchen equipment and make a perfect Manhattan. His education is classical,his respect for tradition is ever present. but the launch pad is always active and he just can’t resist lighting the match. The desire to push limits and cross lines led Chef Klink to multiple ACF certifications, with a present rank of Certified Executive Chef, Completing his EDD (Educational Doctorate Degree), next year puts him in the very elite ranks of the elite